Masterdojo Knowledge Base

Our best tips for launching and growing your creative business online.

Enhancing and publishing your offerings on Masterdojo

Learn the easy methods of leveraging your content on Masterdojo by turning them into revenue-generating materials for your audience.

How to view what your clients are seeing about you on Masterdojo?

Take a look at how your clients view your business and adapt to appeal as needed.

How and when to use push notifications on Masterdojo?

Make use of our push notifications feature by learning when they are best for and how to schedule them for maximum reach and impact for your clients.

How to manage your client information in Masterdojo?

Learn how to keep track of your clients on Masterdojo.

How to enable the community feature in Masterdojo and leverage your network?

Build an engaging community on Masterdojo and expand your network reach on our

How to add additional coaches and educators’ profiles?

Adding more people to your team on Masterdojo is easy. Let us show you how.

How to have your clients upload testimonials directly to Masterdojo?

A walk-through of how easy it is for your clients to submit video testimonials that you can use for marketing.

How to leverage the power of testimonials using Masterdojo?

Share your clients’ experience and let their word of mouth help you grow.

How to digitize your referral marketing on Masterdojo?

Get to know Masterdojo’s biggest value add and how to make use of it by unlocking the growth of your business.

What is a referral marketing strategy and why is it so valuable?

Learn how you can leverage your clients’ experience into qualified leads that help you scale your business.

How to set up your account and get paid for your offerings?

A guide to completing your profile and making sure that you are ready to start turning your content into revenue.

How to set up your profile with your own brand look and feel?

Step-by-step guidance on getting your unique profile started on the Masterdojo platform.