Key features that Masterdojo provides for businesses

Create & sell online courses

Create your courses or training materials as revenue-generating resources at your clients’ fingertips!

Make it easy for your clients to share your in-demand knowledge with a wider audience, and amplify the reach of your wisdom with a global community!

Dashboard & insights
Repurpose your content into $

Repurpose your content into $

Turn your existing audio, video recordings and your e-books into revenue-generating resources while leading your clients to success!

Package and repurpose the content you already have and generate passive income by simply helping your clients through your wisdom. Finally get the recognition you deserve for all your hard work and grow your business with little effort.

Dashboard & insights

No more guessing games, gain access to advanced analytics and insights on your clients’ referrals engagement, course completion and their overall experience.

Be ahead of the game with all of this at your fingertips, and gain an edge over your competitors.


Referrals made easy

The growth of your business is in the pockets of your clients! Grow your business virally!

This is the digitized system for your word of mouth referrals to grow your business and products, quick. Generate leads from existing clients at NO cost to you!

Video testimonials

Empower your clients to share their experience with you via video from their smartphones, and you can leverage that as your video testimonials to expand your reach with their consent while increasing your credibility in the market.

Creating marketing content can’t possibly get more authentic or free, it’s a real win-win outcome!

Push notifications

Create notifications, reminders and updates from anywhere. Drive engagement, straight from your smartphone. Leverage an open rate of up to 95% of push notifications vs 17% via email!

Reduce your own back-end costs plus increase customer experience and show-rate while getting the attention you need from your audience with timely updates.

Digitized payment system

Fully automated payment system, powered by Stripe payment processing platform and trusted by business owners and customers internationally.

We have done the work and automated everything for you so that all you have to do is nominate your bank account and your sales revenue will be transferred straight into your personal account through Stripe.

*3% Stripe processing fees apply

Clients interaction management in ONE place

Your clients’ registrations, referrals received, testimonials. tracking of your invoices – all managed and monitored in ONE single platform.

Never miss an opportunity to engage with your clients again and focus more of your valuable time on your business rather than customer management.